Santa Claus Sleigh

New Year’s holidays are synonyms for joy, happiness and New Year’s magic, for days when the family is together. Through family relationships and tradition, the child develops self-identity, social skills, emotional maturity and sense of belonging, fulfilling the need for love, respect, appreciation and acceptance.

Santa Claus Sleigh is the biggest New Year’s manifestation that brings the holiday’s magic to thirteen institutions. Santa Claus, Granny Claus and their elves prepare over 2,000 gifts for children with disabilities every year.

The New Year’s spectacle starts in the main hall and continues in the bedrooms, where Santa Claus visits children who are not able to attend the main party and performance.

Since 2003, children with disabilities who live without parents have the opportunity to enjoy the New Year’s holidays just like all the other children, and that is the ultimate goal of this manifestation.

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