littleBig educational center in Stamnica

In 2009. the “littleBig People” organization built and equipped special Educational Center at the Institution for children and adults with disabilities “Dr Nikola Sumenkovic” in Stamnica (by Petrovac na Mlavi). The Center is designed for two different programs: Special education and rehabilitation using assistive technologies and the Montessori program.

The entire facility is equipped according to the world standards. Special computer technology is acquired from a renowned Austrian company that specializes in the production and distribution of special hardware and software, while the furniture and other household objects are designed specifically for the children’s needs and abilities. The Montessori classroom is equipped with didactic material that has been successfully used worldwide for more than a century.

Therapists and special educators who work with children have completed the necessary training to independently implement the programs at the institution.

Since 2009. children have the possibility to participate in modern development and educational programs at the Center, which significantly contribute to development of their skills and abilities.