Travelling Gulliver – cultural and creative workshops
for children with disabilities

“Travelling Gulliver” is a program that consists of methodically designed occupational, art and work therapies for children with disabilities.

The idea of using art for therapeutic purposes dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century. It has been noticed that visual art, besides proving to be good diagnostic tool, can have a certain therapeutic role.

Expression through art and creativity is a powerful articulation of child’s emotions, thoughts and state of well-being.

The workshops within the program are theme – related, mostly to current holidays or seasonal themes, which gives children the opportunity to learn new skills in a fun way. In addition to learning and acquiring new skills, workshops positively influence development of fine and gross motor skills, which is of great importance for children with disabilities.

The “Travelling Gulliver” program provides us the opportunity to treat different categories and groups of children in order to increase the quality of their lives.

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